Romney throws in the towel - breaking news (EOM)

Discussion in 'Politics' started by TGregg, Feb 7, 2008.

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    EOM=End Of Message
  2. probably offered him the VP. two war mongers.. oh yay@!
  3. The message the Mormons need to take away from this, is that no matter how passionately they claim to be part of Christianity, and no matter how much they supported the jewish cause in the past, they are not yet welcome in the “club”.
  4. Romney is a smart guy and a realist. It just wasn't happening for him. In the end, Huckabee seemed to be a bigger problem for him than McCain.

    I doubt McCain will offer him the VP. He's probably already promised it to 4 or 5 other guys. Romney never developed any traction, so it's difficult to see what he would add to the ticket other than intelligence, good judgment and competency, which McCain obviously doesn't value anyway.

    This gives McCain a golden opportunity today at CPAC. By being gracious toward Romney, he might mend a few fences. He needs to make a couple of Read My Lips type pledges on taxes and immigration.

    Say, it looks like Ron Paul is now one of three remaining candidates. Since Huckabee stayed in the race only as a McCain stalking horse, I wouldn't be surprised to see him drop out soon as well.
  5. notice the very careful wording of romney's leaving: "suspends"

    is he leaving room to re-enter if something happens to McCain?
  6. I think the wording lets Mitt keep control of the delegates he's already won. If he “quits”, the delegates go back to the party.
  7. With Romney out and Ron paul almost out, i feel that we (american people) are the only ones who lost.

    We had two great candidates and we just fucked that great opportunity.
  8. ron paul isnt out.. he has plenty of money. he can go third party at any time too.
  9. Mr Paul don't have a realistic chance in this race, he just wont get enough delegates.

    And I don't think he will run as a independet, cause he is a man of words..

    The GOP has become the irrational party. this is a big win for the socialists and ilegal alliens.
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