Romney Takes 7 Point Lead In Virginia

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    This follows the Florida poll showing the same 51% to 44% lead for Romney there.

    Mitt Romney has taken a commanding 7-point lead over President Barack Obama in another Virginia poll.

    According to a McLaughlin & Associates poll that had an R+.02 sample, Romney leads Obama in Virginia 51%-44%.

    Among independents, Romney beats Obama by 11 points, 50%-39%.

    If these numbers hold for Romney, Romney could be free to expand the electoral map and more aggressively make plays for states like Michigan and Pennsylvania that were considered "reaches" just two weeks ago.

    In addition, this poll, which has Romney leading by double-digits among independents and has a sample that is more reflective of what the turnout will be in November than other polls, may be a more accurate snapshot of Virginia's electorate than other mainstream media polls.

    McLaughlin & Associates conducted the poll among 600 likely voters on October 8 and 9, and the poll's margin of error is +/- 4%.
  2. Wow if true..the election is over.
  3. pspr


    The next presidential debate is Tuesday. Unless Obama can pull off a miracle there, I think you are right. If he acts as disrespectful as Biden it will definitely be over.
  4. Epic


    Guys, you can't declare an Obama loss from VA polls. That state is a must win for Romney, not Obama. Romney absolutely needs VA, FL, NC and OH. His leads have opened up in FL and NC. Looks like maybe VA is gonna open up a bit, but he is still underwater in OH. If he gets that too, he only has to get one of the four small battlegrounds to win.

    The actual really interesting thing is the (very small) possibility that Romney loses OH but still gets FL, NC, & OH. Then if he goes on to take NV, CO, and IA while Obama gets NH. That puts the count at 269:269

    Uh Oh!!! Right now the House races are favoring a Romney win in a tie breaker. This could get interesting!
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    I'd say Romney must take FL and OH. It's looking good here in FL, but the buckeye state has me a little concerned.

    And yes pspr, I think Obummer is screwed after the next debate because there's just no way he can be taught what to say, when to say it, and how to say it when he's been a teleprompter actor all this time. Just can't happen. 50M people saw just how clueless Obummer is, and there just isn't enough time to teach the dipshit how to out-debate Romney.
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    Well, if you do the electoral math, he must also get NC and VA. His only other option is to pull off very surprising wins in PA, MI, and WI. When it comes down to it, each state is its own place, but there is a lot to be said for national trends in a tight race. If Romney can't pull it off in OH and VA, then PA, WI and MI are real long shots.
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    I think Obama will be more agressive in the next two debates but it's going to be a fine line he'll have to walk. I'm sure Romney is going to hammer the Bengazi problem over and over.
  8. Since the election is not over, you just proved that his poll results are not true.
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    Where did this lead go?
  10. It only existed in the minds of idiots like pspr and leapup
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