Romney should have provided a Minstrel show to win the White Evangelicals

Discussion in 'Politics' started by KINGOFSHORTS, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. His "Sweet Home Alabama" and "I loooove catfish and grits yall" routine failed. But my theory is one thing White Evangelicals hate more than mormon president is the fact that we have a black muslim sounding pinko president sitting in the white house.

    Maybe if he would have created a fun family friendly Minstrel show making fun of obama and letting them know he is the best candidate to "get that muslim negro out of the white house" that his numbers would have won the south.

    If you want to Win the "White Evangelicals" you gotta go hard core, and you will get them on your side.

    White evangelicals.

  2. Mittens cannot speak Klanspeak. So he could not communicate with the people he needed to win.

    He did say, it was an "away" game for him, tho.
  3. Eight


    That superbiaaatcchhhonsteroids Hillary talks ghetto and referred to the Bush Whitehouse as "a plantation" when talking to the black church parishiores in the south... pouring gasoline on a fire should be a felony. Democrats talk that shit while FEMA is building internment plans for the blacks when they go batshit crazy in the upcoming meltdown..
  4. Man that's just pitiful. He considers goin South an "away" game?
    He needs to switch parties. He's a complete fish out of water. Rockefeller and his dad are both dead, and so is the party they once belonged to.