Romney, Ryan Slam President Obama For Spending Too Little

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Free Thinker, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. so now romney wants to spend more. on things he likes. like the military. does any right winger with a brain really think the debt will go down under these guys?

    When it comes to fiscal issues, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan want voters to know they’re collectively disgusted by what they see as a reckless government spending spree under President Obama the past three years.

    But in a twist, they’re also contending that Obama’s government hasn’t stepped in enough to help Americans.

    The most notable example is entitlements, where in a surprise move Romney recently pledged to reverse $716 billion in Medicare savings enacted under the Affordable Care Act, despite his own running mate’s past endorsement of the cuts. Given that the choice of Ryan was billed by the campaign as a signal that they were serious about cracking down on entitlements, it’s puzzling that the only changes Romney has decisively committed himself to so far involve upping federal spending even more.

    But it’s not the only case in which the Romney-Ryan ticket has suggested more government is better. In another break with a position once supported by House Republicans, the campaign is demanding that Congress reverse defense cuts that were included in last year’s debt-ceiling package. Romney’s making the case on explicitly Keynesian grounds, warning that by lowering military spending, the federal government won’t spend enough money on jobs.
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    It's certainly not going down under the Obama regime.
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    These guys are in near complete disarray.