romney refuses to answer any questions.

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  1. why would we elect a man who is afraid to talk to the press?

    The Romney-Ryan ticket has gone AWOL on the media circuit, doing no local or national interviews in the month leading up to Election Day. Mitt Romney’s last national television interview was on October 9 with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and it’s been 25 days since Romney has answered a question from his campaign embed reporters.
  2. Perhaps obama is fresh out of lies about benghazi.
  3. Lucrum


    Because he's ABO, duh.
  4. Ricter


    They have become uncomfortable with questions that begin, "Mr. Romney, three months ago you said X, but now you're saying Not X, so..."
  5. Well, since the right is down to what must be their only talking point left, Libya, which was responded to by the CIA in 25 minutes I'm told, I guess they're out of ammo. You would think the candidates would want to talk to the Press during their final days?

    Still too close for my liking, we'll see Wednesday hopefully.
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    he doesn't want to win,this is just the reps putting on a good show,he's trying to take a dive ,they don't want GW's mess back in their laps,but obama's bs rhetoric for the last 3 weeks might just give romney the election,he is the one who should stay away from the cameras