Romney - really ????

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  2. If Mittens got hold of Ron Paul's internet team, he might be alright:D
  3. And if Romney's tax returns ever get leaked out, he'll be history.
  4. Nice vid Big A
  5. I have a feeling they will be in oct
  6. Who ever made it did a good job. I like a little humor in my politics.
  7. BSAM


    There's only one good thing about the upcoming election: We won't ever have to worry about Mitt Romney being crammed down the throats of the Republicans again.

    No more John McCain.
    No more Mitt Romney.

    So, four more years of Obama, then the conservatives will try again, hopefully with a viable candidate.
    Better yet with a third party candidate.
  8. Definitely.:)
  9. I think, based on the GOP reaction to Mittens and his taxes, you speak more truth than you know.

    The GOP is NOT circling the wagons around Mittens, quite the contrary, actually.
  10. Ricter


    "WASHINGTON -- Mitt Romney opened up numerous lines of attacks in July on President Barack Obama for playing the inside Washington game by cutting deals on health care reform, giving government funds to campaign donors and meeting with lobbyists on various policies. While Romney has not yet laid out how he would play inside the Beltway politics, or whether he would play at all, campaign contribution records show that he is already deeply connected to Washington's permanent class of lobbyists, donors and influence seekers.

    Seven-hundred forty-eight Washington lobbyists and dozens of corporate and lobbying firm PACs have already given $1.87 million to benefit Romney through his campaign or through the victory committee sending funds to the Republican National Committee and a host of state parties, according to records filed with the Secretary of the Senate. The majority of that -- $1.32 million -- was raised in the past six months and disclosed in the last few days of July. These lobbyists have also been central to his campaign's finance operation, raising $5.25 million from their friends, family and clients.

    The Obama campaign and the Democratic National Committee do not accept contributions from federally registered lobbyists. "
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