Romney over Obama?

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  2. If Romney promises not to end the pre existing conditions ban of Obamacare /Romneycare I would vote for him

    If Republicans want to beat Obama in 2012 Romney would be thier best bet imo.Many former Obama supporters like him and would vote for him .

    If Republicans nominate anybody else Obama will get my vote again.As pissed off as liberals are they wont vote for a hard right candidate
  3. romney is about the best the republicans have to offer right now. too bad he insists on wearing majic underwear.
    the fact that he is a morman shows a lack of critical thinking ability. mormanism is such a young religion that the facts of its existence are easily falsified. the fact that mormanisn has factually been shown to have been created by a con man and romney still refuses to reject it is troubling as far as his judgement goes.
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    So you are one of those guys that cares about a candidates personal life? And not the issues? Hmm, should we start asking candidates about their sexual activities as well? Would that be kosher? We'll start with Barney Frank.
  5. Do you have any respect for Romney ?As Governor he made sure 98 % of the people in his state had health care.I have to respect him for that.
  6. IMHO ...Bloomberg.
  7. in some cases yes. in romneys case it shows a lack of critical thinking skills. is it a deal breaker. probably not.
    no, barney frank is not presidential material. should we look at their sexual activities? why not. if you are trying to form a judgement on a persons character it is important.
  8. yes. i did say he was the best republican out there.
  9. +1
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    Do you want to compare your income to his and see who has used their critical thinking skills better at making money? Come on Vhehn, step up to the plate.
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