Romney only pays 15 % in taxes

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    Romney does the math on his tax rate (‘closer to 15 percent’) and his jobs record at Bain

    FLORENCE, S.C.—For half an hour, they delayed, but the crowd didn't get bigger.

    Just over 100 people turned up for an 8:30 a.m. rally here for Mitt Romney, a decision that may have influenced the campaign's decision to abort a grand entrance for the candidate and his wife, Ann, that involved driving the campaign bus into the building.

    Taking the stage, Romney eyed the smaller than usual crowd, which had already been documented by the dozens of reporters on the scene with photos posted to their Twitter feeds, and seemed to offer an explanation for the news media.

    "What time is it here? 9:00 a.m. in the morning?" Romney said, eying his watch. "Gosh, this is a work day right?"

    After a 15-minute stump speech, that included a heavy focus on social issues, Romney shook every hand in the crowd before heading outside to take questions from the assembled press corps. Ann Romney, who had been chatting with reporters, jokingly raised her hand and got the first question: "What happened to your skinny jeans?" she asked.

    Romney, who was wearing a baggy pair of Tommy Bahamas, grinned but didn't answer. He wore the same smile as he underwent intense questioning from reporters from everything from his ties to a super PAC that is spending millions to promote his bid for the Republican nomination to what his estimated tax rate is.

    As his aides tried to end the presser—"LAST QUESTION!" one staffer shouted—Romney lingered and offered perhaps the most revealing answers yet about two issues that have dogged him on the campaign trail—his wealth and his record as a jobs creator.

    While he again demurred on questions about why he has not released his tax returns, Romney offered a hint of what will be the biggest headline when he eventually (presumably) does disclose them. He told reporters that his "effective tax rate" is "closer to 15 percent"—far less than what most middle income families around the country pay. He explained that most of his income today comes from "investments I've made in the past" and from book sales.
  2. Romney is going to be torn to pieces in the general election..I cant wait :D :D :D
  3. Poll after poll show a large majority wants the rich to pay more and the republicans are going to nominate a guy worth 250 million who only pays a 15 % tax rate LOL !!!!
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    obama is going to win? how is he going to win back all the independents and union guys?
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    It's called capital gains tax AK47. He pays the same marginal rates as everyone else on "earned income". Yawn...
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    It's the same leftist spin, their poster boy Buffet yells the same thing.
  7. Romney being the GOP :)
  8. To the average American he's a guy worth 250 million and pays 15 % in taxes
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    + 1

    Welfare queens don't generally understand this of course.
  10. Take note whos starting shit today :)
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