Romney may just lose it with his premature cockiness

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  1. Watching Romney try to spin his recent remarks (the ones made a private fundraiser about cutting HUD) made me thing that this jackass has a track record of relaxing when he thinks he has something in the bag. He does not. He made numerous mistakes in the primary season after major victories and he made those gaffes because he relaxed. During the interview he was mockingly telling Obama to start packing.

    Real work has not even started, Romney is not even officially the nominee of his party and he is cocky already. It takes just ONE gaffe to be finished in politics and Romney has a habit of delivering those when he is most relaxed.
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    In order to lose something you must first have it. Romney never had it nor will he ever have it.
  3. He has a shot. This is not sarah palin were are talking about or rick santorum. President is vulnerable but I think Obama will prepare for the election like his life depended on it and Romney will prepare for it by dusting off Dewey's famous "how to lose an election by being too confident and giving too many speeches" manual.
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    "Start Packing"

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    I think Obama will clobber Romney during the debates. Then we'll see whose suit is running on empty.
  6. obama will try to avoid a debate, if he agrees to a debate it will be a sign of desperation on his part .
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    Your post makes no sense. On the plus side, I admire your consistency.
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    If he's smart he will, but then based on the last 3 + years...
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    Neither does you obsession with US politics or your man love for someone else president.
  10. From now on how about not responding when one of my posts goes over your pointy little head.
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