Romney Makes Desperate, Last-Ditch Bid For Presidency

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  1. WASHINGTON—With hundreds of thousands of onlookers assembled on the National Mall to celebrate Monday's inauguration, defeated Republican candidate Mitt Romney reportedly rushed out onto the stage to make one last frantic bid for the presidency. "My fellow Americans, I come to you at this late hour to plead with you to reconsider my candidacy for president of this great nation," a panting Romney said as multiple Secret Service agents attempted to physically drag the former Massachusetts governor away from the podium. "Please, if you'll just give me a second chance—Wait! No! Get your hands off me! IdosolemnlyswearthatIwillfaithfn—" At press time, sources confirmed that a weeping Romney was repeating phrases from the first presidential debate to himself as authorities escorted him into a waiting police vehicle.
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    You are so dilugional. He was invited to speak at CPAC, numb nuts. And, you come here and post stories from the Onion without even a hint that you are posting a lie.
  3. pisspoor, I know you like pictures more than those confusing words so here's proof.......

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    LOL You are such a douche, futurecunt.
  5. I must have hit a sore spot. The part that tries to do your thinking.

  6. Hey, you have to forgive the leftists. They can't talk about currents events given the disaster of this administration, so they must relive history, again and again. Maddow is running programs about the Iraq invasion. Of course, this is the crowd that talks about Jim Crow laws like it was last weekend, so what do you expect?
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    LOL Of course you are right. It's just tiring talking to these children when you can't slap them to get their attention or make them sit still and learn something. :D
  8. That's funny stuff, can't believe this satire would upset the local republican party spokesman so much.
  9. The dull-witted also have little sense of humor. Their thing is fear escalating to hysteria with a side of paranoia all aided by ignorance and just plain stupidity.
  10. Funny!
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