Romney Looks Like the Next McCain

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    When it comes to elections, perception is more important then reality, but in Romney's case the reality turns out to be a pretty good match to the perception, and that's not good if you're Romney.

    Here's something that gotten little mention , but it is obvious that a major strategy of the democrats is to do whatever they can to connect Romney to Wall Street. Here's why. The perception of Wall Street among the general public is about as negative as it's ever been.

    I was looking at some comments on Yahoo Re some Wall Street issue, don't recall what it was, but that's not important. Almost 100% of those commenting expressed very negative views of Wall Street and anything to do with the stock market or investing.

    Romney is perceived by the public as a Wall Street/investment guy. I don't see any possibility of this negative impression among the public changing much between now and the election. And it will be impossible for Romney to remake his image between now and November, because the Republicans have insisted on putting their worst foot forward, so to speak. They have done every thing they can to associate Romney with success as an investor. In the public's mind investing=Wall Street! Romney is doomed. This election will be a landslide victory for Obama.

    Bottom line, Romney's nomination came at just about the most inopportune time possible. 2008 and a succession of Wall Street scandals are still fresh in the public's mind. The public has a short attention span, but it won't be short enough to help poor Mitt. He's dead as a candidate.

    In the public's mind "Venture capitalist" means "fuck you!". :D
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    Absolutely right regarding the perception of Mitt Romney. Since I live in California, I don't see any campaign ads, but I would hope he is trying to shift the perception of himself in battleground states via campaign advertising. He should be marketing himself as a "businessman", countering the "Wall Street Fatcat" perception.
  3. Romney is far from the ideal conservative candidate, he's just a republican.

    With that being said:he's a far better choice than stab you in the back mcvain.

    The fact of the matter is:republican powers that be, prefer to lose elections than embrace true conservative candidates.
  4. So why is this , Phoenix?
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    The same reason the democrats had rather win an election rather than tell the truth to the 47%.
    Drunk on power.
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  7. That is what I have been saying for a long time. Note that they try to pass him for a businessman. His opponents should put him back in the box by simply explaining that he is not a businessman, but a "vulture capitalist" (not even a venture capitalist). The case could be made that he is worse than a vulture, because he could go after a working-fine company, and make it disappear/outsourced it/etc, just to increase profits without regards to jobs.
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