Romney Leads By 4 In Post-Debate Survey

Discussion in 'Politics' started by wildchild, Oct 8, 2012.

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    Even the liberal media now admits Romney leads.
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    Hmmm, I thought this story would be creating a huge buzz here on ET, maybe since you didn't paste the story nobody clicked your link.

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    This is not a small event. I don't know if I've ever seen such a huge swing this fast in a poll in any presidential election.
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    No the problem is I think most of the leftists on this board have me on ignore. If you present them facts contrary to their beliefs they get upset and don't know what to do. They are still holding out hope that Romney screws up or there is some sort of October surprise.
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    Many of us are happy but not too excited because we did not trust the polls the whole time.

    We do not know how much of that 12 points is based on the fact the poll changed the slant of its sample and how much is due to the debate bump.

    Either way the take away from this and all the other polls is that it all depends on turnout.

    Rs are more motivated.
    Independents lean Romney... and probably more of them do now.

    so Obama wins is if he turns out Ds like he did in 2008.
    (which will be difficult since millions have left the party)
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    I had to laugh at the conclusion but Sullivan points out (click on the link to the full article) that Obama has even lost his lead with women and is now getting crushed by independents... which was confirmed by the IBD poll as well.

    Did Obama Just Throw The Entire Election Away?

    How can Obama come back? By ensuring people know that Romney was and is a shameless liar and opportunist? That doesn't work for a sitting president. He always needed a clear positive proposal - tax reform, a Grand Bargain on S-B lines - as well as a sterling defense of his admirable record. Bill Clinton did the former for him. Everyone imaginable did what they could for him. And his response? Well, let's look back a bit:

    With President Obama holed up in a Nevada resort for debate practice, things can get pretty boring on the White House beat right now. Pretty boring for Obama too, apparently. "Basically they're keeping me indoors all the time," Obama told a supporter on the phone during a visit to a Las Vegas area field office. "It's a drag," he added. "They're making me do my homework."

    Too arrogant to take a core campaign responsibility seriously. Too arrogant to give his supporters what they deserve. If he now came out and said he supports Simpson-Bowles in its entirety, it would look desperate, but now that Romney has junked every proposal he ever told his base, and we're in mid-October, it's Obama's only chance on the economy.

    Or maybe, just maybe, Obama can regain our trust and confidence somehow in the next debate. Maybe he can begin to give us a positive vision of what he wants to do (amazing that it's October and some of us are still trying to help him, but he cannot). Maybe if Romney can turn this whole campaign around in 90 minutes, Obama can now do the same. But I doubt it. A sitting president does not recover from being obliterated on substance, style and likability in the first debate and get much of a chance to come back. He has, at a critical moment, deeply depressed his base and his supporters and independents are flocking to Romney in droves.

    I've never seen a candidate self-destruct for no external reason this late in a campaign before. Gore was better in his first debate - and he threw a solid lead into the trash that night. Even Bush was better in 2004 than Obama last week. Even Reagan's meandering mess in 1984 was better - and he had approaching Alzheimer's to blame.

    I'm trying to see a silver lining. But when a president self-immolates on live TV, and his opponent shines with lies and smiles, and a record number of people watch, it's hard to see how a president and his party recover. I'm not giving up. If the lies and propaganda of the last four years work even after Obama had managed to fight back solidly against them to get a clear and solid lead in critical states, then reality-based government is over in this country again. We're back to Bush-Cheney, but more extreme. We have to find a way to avoid that. Much, much more than Obama's vanity is at stake.