Romney just CRUSHED Obama in Ohio....

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Max E., Jun 15, 2012.

  1. Max E.

    Max E.

    For the first time so far, im starting to believe Romney might just be able to pull this off...... It is impossible to argue against the logic of his speech, If Romney sticks to the message he delivered from 3:30-6:30 in the video i posted below its a slam dunk.....

    Here is a rough synopsis of what Romney said, if he can hammer out this message without getting sidetracked, Obama is toast.....

    "Talk to people you know who run a business and ask them "did Obamas policies put people back to work?"

    "Go talk to business people and ask them whether or not Obama's policies made it easier for them to hire people, lets start from number 1, that stimulus didnt work, how bout Obamacare?

    "The president said the other day that he didnt know Obamacare was hard for small business, Oh Rally? The chamber of commerce carried out a survey of small business, and 75% of small businesses said Obamacare made them less likely to hire people."

    Then there was dodd Frank, all of you guys use a bank from time to time, go to your bank, and ask them "did dodd frank help you out. did it make you more likely as a bank to lend money"

    Then there were the presidents energy policies... talk to the people in the coal industry and ask whether or not his regulations have made it easier for them to mine coal, and get it to the consumer, infact he once said "under my plan, If you build a coal fired plant youll go bankrupt"

    So were not taking advantage of the coal we could, how bout gas? How bout gas? Go talk to the people in the natural gas world and they will tell you that the obama admin is trying to push itself in to regulate itsrelf into the natural gas industry in such a way its less reliable and harder to use the gas.

    Talk to the oil people they will tell you that Obama put a moratorium on drilling in the gulf, cant drill in anwar, and we arent drilling in the intercontinental shelf off of virginia, all three resources we have in abundance and Obama has made it harder to create jobs there and get low cost energy to manufacturers like this one....

    And last one, Did he get that pipeline in from Canada?

    Sorry this is a very crude estimation of what he said i had to type as he was speaking, and im not a damn stenographer....if you are interested listen to the video below starting at aboout 3:30, the whole speech is good but this was the part where Romney just owned Obama.....

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  2. Good stuff indeed.
  3. Ricter


    Romney's got a problem with these claims if anyone goes to the trouble of looking at actual surveys of business owners. No sales are being declined because we "fear regulation". And a lot of contractors are holding off hiring and investment right now because they fear government will not be spending, the so-called fiscal cliff.
  4. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    How about Obamacare? Is there a survey reflecting that positively from small business owners?
  5. So the 75% of small business owners who said obamacare made them less likely to hire was what... a guess?

    Of course no one is turning down "sales." It's hiring, investment and expansion that are chilled by Obama's relentless anti-business progran.
  6. Obama's biggest problem isn't Romney, it's his own dismal record and his lame, blame Bush excuse day in and day out. As I was suffering through another episode of, As Chris Matthews Turns, he asked Michael Steel if he bought a house full of cockroaches and had all kinds of structual problems, wouldn't he blame the previous owner? Steel gave the wrong answer as usual. The right answer is, not if the buyer knew the house was all fucked up to begin with, and that's exactly Obama's position. He knew what he was walking in to. Hell, he was part of creating the problem. He claimed to be a handyman and could make this fixer upper shine again. He has failed at that. Now he wants us to ignore the past 3 1/2 years and look to the future. Not gonna' work!
  7. Opulence


    Even though Romney put up a great speech, do you really expect for Americans to grasp his message? People are still not over the thrill of having a black president and will probably reelect Obama again for that reason alone. Remember, to imply that Obama is anything less than perfect is automatically racist.
  8. Max E.

    Max E.

    Indeed, you would have to be pretty goddamn stupid to turn down SALES because of your businesses healthcare costs.....

    What you just said makes no sense.....

    Romney didnt say anything about turning down sales because of Obamacare, he said that they werent hiring on EMPLOYEES because of Obamacare these are completely different concepts....

    Unless you are a pimp, in which case you can sell your employees....
  9. Max E.

    Max E.

    Also Ricter, if you really think that Obamacare isnt hurting businesses do you want to explain to me why Obama gave out so many waivers to his union buddies, and other businesses within Nancy Pelosi's district?

    Is Obama trying to punish his supporters by not allowing them to participate in his wonderful Healthcare program?
  10. JamesL


    Common sense is that if you buy this house, the first thing you should do is repair these issues and make the house livable before you build an addition or in ground pool, if you want to continue with this analogy.
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