Romney is right on China

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  1. China is a huge, Al-Quaeda supporting threat to the USA. Once we've nuked the Iranian Al-Quadans (under Romney's leadership), we need to nuke China too. If the UN complains, we should nuke the UN too.

    Obama is weak. He loves the muzzies and yellows. He also hates Israel, our best ever ally. Unlike Obama, Romney will support Israel and nuke the Gaza Strip where the Israel-haters live.

    Also, France has been bad to the USA over the years. If they don't shut up, Romney should nuke them too. But we should allow the pretty French women to come to the USA before we nuke the men.

    Vote for a better world where the USA is number 1. Vote Romney 2012.
  2. Joe Biden ! How many times does Michele have to tell you not to steal the kids laptop and post from the Whitehouse basement with it?
  3. Joe Biden and Obama are gay lovers who support Al-Quaeda. They should both be hung from their balls and then the US army should nuke their balls. The nuked balls should be fed to rats and cockroaches or Arabs.

    Only Romney can defend Israel from the Chinese terrorists. The way to do so is to nuke Hong Kong, once we've got the pretty yellow girls out.
  4. Anyone who votes for ROMNEY. pro mandated healthcare, pro torture, pro war, pro Patriot Act, tax evader, phony who will say ANYTHING to get elected. And you bought it hook line and sinker.
  5. Oh do shut up you silly little liberal. Biden and Obama are anti-semites.

    But Romney is a patriot who will nuke Iran.
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  7. When Romney gets in, Obama and Biden will be charged and prosecuted for their filthy gay love.
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    I'm registered with the Peace and Freedom Party.. I must vote my party line. Rosie will nuke all the above, especially the men so you should vote for Rosie too...
  9. Shut up you liberal terrorist lover.