romney is really just a religious nutter.

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  1. do you believe that jesus will return and rule the world from............missouri. romney does.

    Watch Mitt Romney Explain How Jesus Will Reign for 1,000 Years When He Returns, in Jerusalem... and Missouri

    Video emerges of Romney citing the thinking of a wildly fringe conspiracy theorist and his belief in the strange intricacies of the Mormon faith.
  2. To you Mother Theresa is a nutter.
    She also believes that Jesus will return to Earth.
  3. She was just ignorant and by her adherence to ignorant ideology there was more cases of aids and hungry mouths to feed.

    Not sure we can blame ignorance for Mitt's beliefs. Being the victim of mass delusion, and having poor critical thinking abilities is more likely the reason.

    They're all cults.
  4. wow. are you guys all so uninformed? mother theresa was a nutter.

    she mostly let the sick die in primitive conditions while she banked the donations. she stated she was more concerened about getting souls to heaven.
    when she got sick she sought out the finest medical care overseas.

    then to top it all of after she died her diary was leaked showing that she didnt really believe the bs she was peddeling to others.

    "Her order, the “missionaries of charity” did more to inflict suffering, pain and poverty on people needlessly, than the actual causes of that suffering and pain and poverty itself. She believed that poverty was a virtue to brought one closer to God. The more a person suffers, whether they ask for that suffering or not, the closer they are to God according to the warped fantasy of Mother Theresa, recently beatified. Primitive equipment was used to treat wounds. No pain killers were used at all. Unsterilised needles equipment was used. People died far sooner than they would have had Mother Theresa actually bothered to recommend actual medical treatment for the poor that she was apparently “helping”. "