Romney Insiders Throw Christie Under The Bus

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  1. republicans are like a religion. you tow the line or they crucify you:

    Romney insiders told Politico this week that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was Mitt Romney's first choice for the vice president, until he decided Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) would be a safer choice due to some problems with Christie.

    The information comes just days before the 2012 election and was released in a story on Saturday, adding another narrative to the campaign as Romney and Ryan make their final pitch to voters. But it also comes during a week in which Christie has repeatedly praised President Barack Obama for his help during superstorm Sandy -- a move that, according to Politico, rankled the Romney campaign and could lead to tension should he become president:

    From Politico:

    In typical Christie fashion, there has been nothing understated about his role at each critical point, culminating with his tour with President Barack Obama on Marine One this week as they surveyed Sandy’s havoc along the Jersey Shore.


    The differences were papered over. Now, some Romney friends and donors are irked by Christie’s embrace of Obama this week, which one referred to as “over the top."

    "If Romney wins, it won't be forgotten,” the adviser said. "If Romney loses, it doesn't matter."
  2. okay first thing christie won't fit under a bus, secondly he overplayed it a bit and it might hurt him (if obama wins and )he wants a try in 2016.

    Christie needed to think which would be more devastating to his state 4 more years of obama rule or a few hours delay and some money for disaster relief.

    obama was just there for the photo -op and christie fell for it like a naive schoolgirl.
  3. ohhhh so now the RIGHT comes with the fat jokes:D :D :D

    hilarious, just simply hilarious!!
  4. Well, one only need look as far back as this summer, when they threw Chief Justice Roberts under the bus. And some have to nerve to say that conservatism is not a social movement at it's core...yeah, okay.
  5. roberts needs to have his head examined literally.

    NOBODY understood his reasoning (or lack thereof)
    (it is a tax but it isn't for the courts purposes:WTF?)

    Granted people on the left loved the ruling, which is a completely different issue.
  6. I think it was an ego move. Up to this point, Anthony Kennedy was the de facto chief justice. If it is going to be close, litigants needed to persuade Kennedy to vote with the Thomas and Scalia wing, or with Ginsberg and Souter. This made Kennedy the man with the power. I think this move was to take that power away from Kennedy.
  7. Cant blame Christie

    1.If Romney wins the earliest Christie can run is 2020

    2.If Romney gets 8 years Ryan would likely be next in line so it would probably be longer then 2020

    3.If Romney were to get 8 years a democrat would be the favorite after 8 years of a republican in the White House

    4.If Romney only gets 4 years then he would be facing an incumbent in 2020

    5.The biggest reason imo for him kissing Obamas ass is holding on to his own seat.Cory Booker is very popular and will probably challenge Christie in the next Governors race.Christie cant play the games with federal aid that Governors of red states play.