Romney in a LANDSLIDE

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  2. Wrong Low T Luke,I love it.I always want to be on the other side of dicks opinion

    The GOP will take the Senate in 2010

    MORRIS: GOP will win House, Senate
    By Dick Morris - 04/06/10

    " Republicans will gain more than 50 House seats and at least 10 in the Senate, enough to take control in both chambers. That’s reality. "-Dick Morris

    A week before 2008 election day dick said undecideds would break for McCain and Obama would get less then 50 % of the vote.


    Hilary will win the nomination


    Newt can win in 2012 !!!!!!!!

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    His mom is putting him on suicide watch starting Monday evening.
  4. What happened to that huge October surprise from Obama you kept predicting ?

  5. It's all over. Obama better start packing.
  6. Maybe Dick Morris has been getting his intel from reading pspr's posts here. Talk about dumb and dumber. LOL!

  7. LOL !!!!
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