Romney in 2006: We need cap and trade because.....

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    "Romney Shifted Right on Energy as Presidential Politics Beckoned"<br />&_r=0

    "It is an agenda far different from the one he outlined in his early days as governor.

    "He populated his Massachusetts administration with environmentalists, including one, Gina McCarthy, who now runs the clean air division of the Environmental Protection Agency under President Obama. He railed against the “Filthy Five,” high-polluting power plants in the state. He issued a “climate protection plan” and lauded it as “among the strongest in our nation.” Under his direction, Massachusetts helped create a regional cap-and-trade program — anathema to most Republicans — intended to cut the greenhouse gas emissions that scientists believe cause global warming. "

    Fuck Romney is a clown, and he is being exposed as the gutless panderer he is, this article links to direct quotes and decisions from his recent past....

    "He was animated by ideas like smart growth and sustainable development, former aides say. He wanted high-density housing clustered near public transportation, pedestrian-friendly urban areas and parks. To carry out his vision, he created an Office for Commonwealth Development, headed by an über-secretary who would integrate policy in housing, transportation, energy and the environment. "

    Wow, this socialist wants to be president?? LMAO!!!1!!! !

    :mad: :mad:
  2. Max E.

    Max E.

    The difference is that while Romney may or may not believe in cap and trade, Obama is 100% behind it.

    I will take my chances with a 50/50 shot, over a 100% loss, as has been stated many times Romney is no prize given all his flip flops, but the only thing that can be guaranteed is that Obama supports these asinine policies 100%
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    Fuck, Obummer is a bigger clown.
  4. Since 2006 the science has changed. Lots of fraud and agendas were behind the Hockey stick models.

    A different course of action may be better suited now
  5. big clown stomps on little clown.:).