Romney Has 5 Point Lead

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  2. The polls right now tend to be unreliable. Not only are there "undecided" voters, there's also what they call "unknown undecided" voters, which are voters who say they've decided but then change their mind before the election.

    Both the "known undecided" and "unknown undecided" voters diminish after the conventions. Polls of "likely voters" after Labor Day will give us a much more accurate picture of the upcoming election.
  3. Obama winning 17 of the last 22 polls.


    Intrade Obama + 17

  4. Unless gas takes off because of ethanol prices, then Obama is pretty much a lock.

    Mittens is actually a robot. He was made by US Robots and Mechanical Men, Inc.:D
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    Once again our resident genius chimes in with his brilliance. :D :eek:
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    The last election came in 35D/ 35R / 35I

    The polls which have Obama in the have samples which look like
    45D / 37 R / 17 I

    The honest polls have Romney up by a lot.
    Which of course he is.
    You can't be President over an economy like this and expect to win.
  7. Republicans are grossly inept when it comes to campagining.

    Quite frankly the party is full of pansy waist's afraid of their own shadow or big gubbermint nanny statist's in disguise.
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    Note it should have said "/20 I" not 35..

    absolutely agree... its why Reagan was so great even though he was not that smart. He had missions and hammered them home, I am not even sure he cared about polls.
  9. See how easy it is to parse someone's words? Just like Obama's comments about business owners. Of course R's aren't inept, and Gov't does not take credit for business owner's success.
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    Historically undecideds break for the challenger. That does not look good for Obama. Also historically the President gets the same % in the popular vote as his approval rating. Obama is right around 43% now. No way he wins with 43%. He needs to get that to 50% and fast.
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