Romney Has 14 Pt. Lead With Middle Class

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    I think this tells us that Obama's support is with the welfare class. Those who expect Obama to take money from the wealthy and middle class to give to these people - the 47% sucking on the government teet.

    In our latest POLITICO-George Washington University Battleground Poll with middle-class families, which comprise about 54 percent of the total American electorate and usually split in their vote behavior between Republicans and Democrats, Romney holds a 14-point advantage (55 percent to 41 percent). Middle-class families are more inclined to believe the country is on the wrong track (34 percent right direction, 62 percent wrong track), are more likely to hold an unfavorable view of Obama (48 percent favorable, 51 percent unfavorable), and hold a more favorable view of Romney (51 percent favorable, 44 percent unfavorable) and Paul Ryan (46 percent favorable, 35 percent unfavorable) than the overall electorate. These middle-class families also hold a majority disapproval rating on the job Obama is doing as president (45 percent approve, 54 percent disapprove), and turn even more negative toward Obama on specific areas; the economy 56 percent disapprove; spending 61 percent disapprove; taxes, 53 percent disapprove; Medicare 48 percent disapprove; and even foreign policy 50 percent disapprove.

    All of this data make clear that Romney has won the strong support of middle-class families and is leading the president on an overwhelming majority of key measurements beyond just the ballot. In fact, when respondents were asked who, Obama or Romney, would best handle a variety of issues, Romney led on all but one including the economy (+9 percent), foreign policy (+3 percent), spending (+15 percent), taxes (+7 percent), Medicare (+2 percent), and jobs (+10 percent). Ironically, the one measurement Obama led Romney on was “standing up for the middle class” (+8 Obama), reinforcing that often the Democrats win the message war with the middle class, but not their hearts and souls.
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  3. The poll from which that "analysis" arose shows Obama 50%, Mitt 47%.
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    and that poll the GWU poll over sampled Dems 49 D / 45 R

    so you can see Obama is ahead in polls which are slanted to put him ahead.
    In reality based on the internal information... the poll should be sampling more Rs.

    If a significant portion of the middle class is now voting Romney... oversampling Dems is a joke.
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  6. + 1 it on election night
  7. "Plus ten-thousand it" on election night! :cool:
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    An odd statement, coming from a guy who has posted as many polls as you have.
  9. On election night the post he made the + 1 to will be proven wrong
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    that internal information is powerful.

    We have polls which show a good lead for Romney with Independents.
    We have this GWU poll which show the middle class is voting Romney.
    We have polls which show Obama has lost 10 to 15 percent of the Jewish vote.

    And we have articles which show there has been a mass exodus from the Dems since the 2008 election.

    Basically the only thing which keeps Obama in the lead is witchcraft by the pollsters.

    Basically the only people still voting Obama are hard democrats...

    If you ask 15 to 30 percent more of them than you should.. you can act like Obama is in the lead.


    1. the polls are pretending we will have a 2008 turnout.
    2. the polls only have 8 percent of the people even participate in the polls.
    so of those 8 percent they get to over sample hard ass democrats.

    In reality the lack of bumper stickers show... no one is thrilled about this election but many people who voted Obama last time with either not vote or vote Romney.
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