Romney gave nearly 30% of income to Charity.

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  1. For all those bitching about Romney not paying his "fair share". He paid 29.1% of his income to charity in 2011 and paid another 13.9% in taxes which means he gave away 43% of his income.

    Just for you that are bitching about him only paying less than 14% to the government, thats the way it works when you give alot of money to charity. You get a tax break on that money.

    Romney paid almost $2 million in taxes and gave away $4 million to charity. Obama paid $162k in taxes. Not even 1/10th of what Romney paid.

    So now can you dems stfu?
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    Obama hardly gave any of his income to charity when he was a lawyer. Even when he was in politics his donations were almost nil. Only after he came under the scrutiny of a presidential candidate did he start to make donations of any size (by percentage of income) to charitable causes.

    Joe Biden, on the other hand, has never given much to charity regardless of his income.
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    He has given us so much more. The laughter.
  4. But did he give it to the "right" charity? The inquiring minds of the PC world want to know.
  5. the morman church is hardly a charity.
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    Is there a 'right' charity? I think much, but not all, of what Romney donated went to the Mormon Church. But then, a person of strong faith would want to support his church if he were able.
  7. there is big hole in this thread unfortunately because
    obama gave a 10 trillion dollar charity with obamacare.

    i'm afraid mit cant compete with that. :D
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    But it ain`t Obamas money.

  9. In 2011 ? When he knows he running for President

    I also wouldn't call that cult he donates to charity
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    Yep, and the leftist loon media (most of it), wants to bitch about him paying around 14.9% out in fed income taxes. They COMPLETELY ignored the 30% he gave away! Grrrr!

    I'd like to know what % ocommunist gave away!

    All I know is Romney should come out and say "I've worked and been successful. I paid out close to 15% of my income to federal taxes. As your next President, I'm going to encourage, and help you and your family to be successful, as well as show you how you can keep more of your own money out of the hands of the wasteful government."
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