Romney Expanding Into States Obama Thought Were Locks

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    Mitt Romney is to travel to Wisconsin, a state Barack Obama won in a 14-point blowout four years ago, as the Republican candidate's surging campaign seeks to expand the 'chessboard' into previously safe Democratic territory.

    At the same time, the Romney campaign has bought television advertising in the Boston market, which reaches screens in New Hampshire, a state Obama won by almost 10 points in 2008.

    Asked whether Romney himself would be visiting Wisconsin in the closing days of the race, Eric Fehrnstrom, a senior Romney adviser, said: 'Yes. Paul Ryan was just in Pittsburgh. We'll be back in Wisconsin, sure. Wisconsin is definitely in play.'

    Ready to pounce: The Republican campaign is expanding its geographical horizons

    Representative Ryan, whose district is in Wisconsin, visited Pittsburgh, in Pennsylvania, at the weekend. Recent polls have put Romney within striking distance or even ahead of Obama, who won there by 10 points in 2008.

    Fehrnstrom held out the possibility of Romney competing seriously not only in New Hampshire and Wisconsin but also in the big prizes of Pennsylvania and Michigan, which Obama won by 17 points four years ago.

    Asked about Pennsylvania and Michigan, he said: 'There's places we're going up for the first time,' he said. 'We just bought Boston TV so we can beam into southern New Hampshire because the battle is tightening there.

    'All I would say to that is stay tuned. You've seen the polls coming out of those states. It does show a narrowing of the gap and we're watching those very closely.'
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    That expansion clearly went great.

  3. How did that work out for him ?
  4. Anybody with a brain in their head knew this was pure desperation but dumb asses like pspr actually believed Romney had a shot at these states LOL !!!!