romney drill baby drill.

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  1. one would think that since romney was a market guy he would understand that since oil is a world wide commodity every barrel of extra oil we produce also helps our competitors. we cant gain a competitive advantage by drilling in sensitive areas.
    conservation measures on the other hand, something romney has shown no interest in,go right to our bottom line.

    Mitt Romney’s Problematic Push For ‘North American’ Energy Independence
    GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney says that by the end of his second term in 2020, the North American continent can free itself from reliance on foreign energy sources.

    The proposal has experts scratching their heads for a few reasons. One predictable objection is that, as a global commodity, it’s not really feasible to be independent of foreign oil. The concept of independence is illusory, and the goal of little value, unless North America excised itself from the global market.

    Another is that it’s a rhetorical tweak to more common paeans to the virtues of American energy independence. It’s an implied acknowledgement that Romney’s less interested in efficiency and alternative energy than in drilling for more oil and gas, and that the United States doesn’t sit on enough oil and natural gas to provide for the country’s energy needs.

    But above and beyond that, history indicates Romney’s setting himself up for failure.
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    "Helps" them how exactly?
  3. Republican candidates keeps pushing the drill baby drill line because the majority of republican voters are to stupid understand that oil drilled in the The US goes on the world market.I just shake my head whenever I hear a republican say we should drill in the US for energy independence

    I know Romney is smart enough to know we cant drill here for energy independence by 2020,but he knows a bunch of dumb ass republican voters will believe it
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    Doesn't more oil supply drive down oil prices?
  5. If nothing else, it means we won't be shipping money to people who turn around and give it to islamist terrorists. We won't be so dependent on the middle east, so we won't feel the need to get involved in every dispute there.

    Plus, all that drilling and oil production and refining will create tens of thousands of good, high paying jobs here in the USA. Not that Obama gives a crap. He's more concerned about global warming.
  6. Not if demand is still outpacing supply
  7. Oil produced in the US goes on the world market .If China outbids us today for oil drilled in the US we still might have to buy oil from the middle east tomorrow

    Most of our imported oil doesn't even come from the middle east
  8. We should attack the Arabs and take all their oil. Attack! Attack! Attack! Let the blood flow. Or, we could get serious with NG conversion and alternative fuels. Nah, makes too much sense. ATTACK! We must kill for fun and profit.
  9. Nah, I like the NG plan. And, I think we could use the Keystone Pipeline as well. I think Obama should ok the pipeline in the name of jobs, perhaps just before the election? Won't happen, but would be nice.
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    Well yeah, but for any given demand more supply is...more supply and will drive down prices. No?
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