Romney Comes Up Flat In First Debate

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  1. The rule in a heavyweight championship fight is the challenger has to take the title, not just hold his own. By that standard, Romney fell pitifully short tonight. He was technically competent, as expected. He made many cogent points, but neve really laid a glove on the incumbent, who portrayed himself implausibly as the champion of the middle class, a tax cutter for business and a ruthless opponent of government waste.

    Debate moderator Jim Lehrer bordered on an embarrassment. He never seemed in control and basically left the evening up to the participants, to a point. However, and perhaps this is his genius, his stumbling attempts at providing direction somehow managed to steer the debate more to wonky minutae than to the big picture failures of the obama administration.

    That said, Romney had plenty of opportunities to make the case himself and basically wiffed. He got bogged down in long discussions of tax policy and medicare, to no real conclusion. One example, he brought up the Obamacare panels that will ultilmately decide that 70 year olds really do not need hip transplants, MRIs or heart bypasses because we need the money to pay for prenatal care for illegal immigrants, but he could never get it into the end zone. One imagines Sarah Palin pulling her hair in frustration. Really, Mitt, is it so hard to say that these panels will do just what they do in Canada and the UK and deny services that are routinely provided now?

    I thought Obama was generally superb. He was lying through his teeth for much of the debate, but he is good at it and was not really challenged by Romney. He displayed an impressive grasp of the issues, faked sincere concern for the middle class and hit his talking points on the Romney tax and medicare plans.

    The average undecided, ie clueless, voter will take away that these are both good men with similar policies but that Obama is more attuned to their needs. That makes it a loss, and a big one, for Romney.
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    All I can say is nonsense.
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    Romney won this one by a ko!

  4. I was just about to start a thread to say the exact opposite. I think Obama got beat tonight. The 15th round was a very good one for Mittens. Split decision. Advantage, Romney.
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    I don't know if it was a ko but it was a really bad thumping for Obama. He'll feel it in the morning.
  6. I think Romney's performance would not change the polls, and might set him for a loss at the next debate as the expectation would go higher on him, particularly if what he gave is his best shot.
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    Trust me, he knocked ocommunist's ass down and out. Great job Romney! NOW he's gotta keep up this fire as it clearly busted ocommies ass! Wow!
  8. The rule in a heavyweight championship fight is the challenger has to take the title, not just hold his own. By that standard, Romney fell pitifully short tonight.

    You're right. I do believe Romney had the ammo to take off the gloves and get down and dirty but was too much mister nice guy. Perhaps Obama has that effect on people when they are near him.

    Romney said to Obama, "you're entitled to your house and your car but not to your own facts" Whoa! I think that took Obama by surprise and Imo, gave me the impression Romney could get aggresive but didn't.
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    Nope, Romney knocked ocommies ass flat out. Period.
  10. In a dictatorship, that may be the case.

    Oh wait.......

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