Romney caught on tape

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  2. Did he say "my job is not to worry about those people"?
  3. NICE !!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

    Looking foward to Obama ads with this video
  4. 'those people'..those 47 percent, the vast majority of them make fuck all of an income to even pay an income tax...
    probably 90% of them belong to the middle class...

    Both Romney and Obama are clueless...
    anyone who votes for either of them deserve what they get....
  5. Max E.

    Max E.

    It would be nice if Romney grew a pair and actually stuck by this message, and drove it home hard, What he said is 100% accurate, the problem is he is to much of a pussy to back it up, and he will now backtrack and make himself look like an idiot.
  6. How many millions are those 47% to 49% or whatever % was mumbled?

    After this video, if Ron Paul ran as independent, I would not have been surprised if he came second in November.
  7. I dont know but insulting 47 % of Americans then asking for their vote isnt good for Romney
  8. I think it is even worse, because a good portion of the remainder of the people would view it as a lack of compassion. It would give more support to those who perceive him as a "vulture investor", who buys a company, fire people to improve earnings, and cash out.
  9. I agree I think he should stick by his "fuck you if you're hungry" policy.
  10. I doubt he will be able to. But either way, because he said he would support an Iran war on behalf of Israel, which implies he has money for an Iran war, and yet he does not care for 47% of the people.
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