Romney Apology an Insult

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  1. Gov. Mitt Romney apologizing for his remarks referring to a construction project is an insult to all intelligent people. Anyone offended by the usage of this term simply enjoys stirring up crap and seeing if they can make white folks dance like puppets on a string. Romney danced like a drunk weasel to the ludicrous objections of some "civil rights leaders". I am a liberal to some extent but see knuckling under to absurd political correctness to be counter-productive to any real improvement of racial relations. What's next? Will they be calling for scientists to rename the raccoon so no one ever says coon again? Will we outlaw 4 suit card decks because they have spades in them? Will "sticky situation" become a phrase banned by the pc crowd because "we all know that the usage of this term is code for 'tarbaby'"? We have cd after cd blaring the N word at us at traffic lights everyyday and I hear no one objecting to that. Ha! I just typed "N word" because I was afraid ET would remove the thread if I used the real word. People with their silly political correctness tirades need to start worrying about some things that really matter.
  2. In computer science when several computer nodes share a task, often one node is designated as the "master node" which sends commands for other nodes, the "slave nodes," to execute. This "master-slave" description became politically incorrect when Hazel Oleary became the Energy Secretary in the 90's. I heard that Department of Energy required all DOE documents to be changed from "master-slave" to "supervisor-worker."

    Really funny.
  3. That, although ridiculous itself, is actually more understandable than the usage of "tarbaby" which clearly is meant to mean "sticky situation" especially when it was applied to a specific situation which had no connections to any group of African Americans. Simply absurd!
  4. Once when I used the phrase "dead cat bounce," someone complained that it was inhumane and cruel.:D
  5. the excrement hit the wind oscillator, eh? Tough mammary glands. Tell them they can all go have sex with themselves. Just a bunch of people with mothers who are sexually wanton.
  6. One day we are going to wake up and be hammered for saying "African American". The PC crowd is going to say that we are using the term to degradate the full american status of anyone who has skin darker than a mild tan.
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    You hit the nail on the head. This isn't by mistake.

    Whites must be reminded how awful we are. Ask any marxist-socialist-feminist graduating from any college in the USA for an explanation. And there are millions to choose from...

    better yet, you can talk with them directly here:

    Prepare yourself for a shock, these people think they are patriots.
  8. I think they are too. What kind of patriot are you if you hate half of Americans?
  9. We will soon run out of words. Already we can't use "gay" for its literal definition, 'renege" will get you fired, and now "tar baby", a term coined for use in an old children's book is apparently equivalent to calling for the return of slavery.

    Romney is a fine and decent man and no bigot by any means. He is probably the best choice for president among either party. He should not have apologized, even if it was one of those "if anyone was offended" type of non-apology apologies, because it only encourages them. I think "get a life" or "drop dead" is a better response to those who try to destroy decent people with drive-by accusations of racism.
  10. I am no fan of Romney per se. However, I don't think he should be spooked by this incident. His detractors, however, were not just monkeying around. Those boy's are serious. They scrounge around like coon's in the trash looking for this type of thing. I'm afraid the construction project was not the tarbaby, the tarbaby was quoting Uncle Remus. I say he should just let those who want to "doo dah", "doo dah" all day. At least until their skin is tough enough to go in the briar patch!
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