Romney and the RNC changed rule on the spot & stopped Ron Paul nomination

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  1. When Mr. Romney and the RNC cheat so blatantly, they make the game no longer about politics: they make themselves ineligible for the vote of anyone who cares about his own morality, his own honesty or his own integrity -- regardless of his politics. And from a purely practical standpoint, they invite Americans to ask if they want to live in a nation governed with the same contempt for those who don't toe the party line as has been displayed both in Tampa and throughout the primary process.
    Delegates from Nevada tried to nominate Mr. Paul from the floor, submitting petitions from their own state as well as Minnesota, Maine, Iowa, Oregon, Alaska and the Virgin Islands. That should have done the trick: Rules require signatures from just five states. But the party changed the rules on the spot. Henceforth, delegates must gather petitions from eight states.
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    Those cock sucking low life bastards.
  3. Welcome to Dumbfuckistan.
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    LOL :D
    This party is not about Ron Paul and divisiveness. It is about Romney, Ryan and party unity. Paul should be happy the platform is embracing some of his causes.
  5. After that last second change, will the Paul supporters now unify under Romney? :confused:
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    Who else? Obama? Paul lost. Buck up Bucky. :cool:
  7. I agree with you on this. Romney won fair and square. This is just sour grapes from the Ron Paul crowd.

  8. Well, Christie didn't do Mitt any favors either.
  9. Hey their in fighting doesn't bother me, the republican party is one fucked up dysfunctional group of people, even worse than the democrat party, which is saying a lot.
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    I'm sure you've read "Animal Farm".
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