Romney 50%, Obama 43%

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, May 11, 2012.

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    Perhaps this would be an auspicious time for you to place a bet in favor of your candidate.
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    Atticus, you muppet! Get that C note ready! :p
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    I try not to get excited about any given poll, but this one shows Romney +7, and between the 2 polls which show Obama with a big lead, both have a 9% skew for democrats.........

    So one poll says Obama is +8 with a 9 point skew, which means Obama -1% or tie

    And the Reuters +7 poll is equally egregious, it also shows a 9 point skew.....which means Obama -2%, or tie.

    The only polls showing Obama leading at this point have a heavy skew.....
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    Tsing Tao

    A lot of stuff can happen between now and November. While I think it will simply get worse for Obama, Romney has to not sway from the idea of making it all about the economy. He can't get caught up in all the side distractions like stupid high school behavior and gay marriage.

    The economy is the one thing Obama can't run from, and the one thing he'll be spending most of his energy and money trying to run from.
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    I agree that we have a long way to go (5 1/2 months) but it's a good sign that people are starting to realize how bad Obama really is. I wouldn't have much hope for America if the majority still think the policies put forth by Obama are good for the country.
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    I was looking for the skew numbers.
    Where will I be able to locate them.
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  9. Intrade Obama +23

    Associated Press/GfK-Obama +8

    Reuters/Ipsos-Obama +7

    IBD/CSM/TIPP- Obama +3
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    Glad someone is mentioning the skew.

    The rassmussen result is interesting because Romney's lead exceeds the poll uncertainty. There is a real and measurable lead. The uncertainty is approximately 4%.
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