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    "Mitt Romney was accused of racism after he appeared to suggest that Israelis were richer than Palestinians because of their cultural and religious superiority."

    I don't know about religious superiority but they certainly do have a cultural superiority. Stating such obvious FACTS is not racism. It's just...stating facts.
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    Re Romney's praise today of Israeli healthcare: it makes me cringe. No, I don't want him to win, so his gaffes are great, but still, he's an American making them. It's embarrassing.
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    more liberal media baloney.

    This is the quote..

    to bestow praise on his Jewish audience, he told them that Israel was more prosperous than the Palestinian territories because of its culture and the "hand of providence", seen by some Palestinians as a reference to God.

    Do we really have to go over this culture thing with liberals...

    I thought you guys preferred
    womens right
    secular education
    interest on loans


    and note..

    Romney was also right about the things he said in England.

    you have a choice more bullshit... or an intelligent analysis.

    I prefer an intelligent analysis.
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    Well, the problem is this:

    If a guy on the bar stool next to me told me that, I would certainly not accuse him of racism. As a politician though, you're supposed to think before you express yourself in public, in order to keep your blunder rate below an acceptable level. Romney is probably no racist. He's just a bull in a china shop.
  6. Mitts right ,the religion of the Palestinians is "Nazism" which clearly is inferior to Judaism .