Rome's Catholic churches ordered closed because of coronavirus, , unprecedented in modern times

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    ROME, March 12 (Reuters) - Rome's Catholic churches were ordered closed on Thursday because of the coronavirus pandemic, in a moved believed to be unprecedented in modern times.

    The decree by Cardinal Angelo De Donatis, Pope Francis' vicar for the Rome archdiocese, will remain in effect until at least April 3. There are more than 900 parochial and historic churches in the Italian capital.

    Previously, only Masses had been cancelled because of the outbreak. The decree also dispenses Catholics in the archdiocese from their obligation to attend Mass on Sunday's and on what are known as Holy Days of Obligation.

    The decree allows a relatively smaller number of oratories in convents and monasteries to remain open.

    The move follows a decision by the Italian government on Wednesday night to close virtually every commercial activity in Italy apart from pharmacies, food shops and other stores selling essential goods.

    St. Peter's Basilica, which is on Vatican territory, has already been closed and the pope has cancelled his two weekly appearances in public. He held his most recent Sunday blessing and general audience from inside the Vatican and both have been streamed on the internet.

    No offense to our Catholic community, but it seems Jesus has quarantined himself, too.....:sneaky:
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    Francis is a man of science. Our leaders are cultists so they'll likely continue their rallies
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  3. Back to this soon?

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    At least the Catholics have embraced science a long time back now, the nutty baptist Islam model decentralised churches and whatever following crap like evangelists have to be told to stop trying to sell fake silver cures.

    If it was not (and the Baptists are riddled with this also) for the pedo stuff, Rome would be admirable enough.
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    The Islamic Golden Age is a sad tale on how fundamentalism wrecks everything.
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    My greatest admiration for the man.

    Coronavirus: Giuseppe Berardelli among 50 priests killed
    [​IMG]Image c
    An Italian priest who gave a respirator to a younger coronavirus patient he did not know has died of the disease.

    Father Giuseppe Berardelli, 72, died in hospital in Lovere, Bergamo - one of the worst-hit cities in Italy.

    At least 50 priests have reportedly been killed by coronavirus in Italy.

    The world's worst affected country with 6,077 deaths so far, Italy has been under prolonged lockdown as it tries to stop the spread of infections from the worst-hit northern region of Lombardy.

    Coronavirus has been spreading rapidly across the globe, affecting more than 160 countries and claiming more than 16,000 lives.
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