Romania's Hitler Execution

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  1. Exactly! Too bad a monster on life support cannot be revived to be executed along with the other criminals in the state of Israhell.
  2. I am not on live support.
    And if you think Sharon is a monster you haven't seen nothing yet.
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  3. I am still waiting to hear from you Hamas Man Sameeh.

    What's the matter now?

    The Yehudim have cut off your access to e-mail or maybe you haven't been able to locate some Hamas armor?

    If it is the later then don't worry!

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  4. They are still there defending their homeland. They have never executed prisoners like your Sharon did in 1956.

    What would defending Zionists make you, when the international criminal court is set, chump? A Zionist sympathizer?
  5. You are a first class idiot. Make arrangements for what? To take a stab you? Why would I want to do that?
    Take your e-mail address off you moron. Some other people might use it for their own benefits.
    I cannot believe I am helping a Zionist....Yech.
  6. So you want to compare killing unarmed Egyptian prisoners to executing traitors caught in the act of treason?

    Good luck selling that to the International War Crime tribunal.

    "A Legacy of Assassinations: More than any other Jewish terrorist group, Lehi was known for
    using assassinations as a terror mechanism, even using them against Jews they accused of being
    traitors. Lehi carried out 42 assassinations, more than twice as many as the Irgun and the
    Haganah combined. Of its politically-motivated assassinations, over half of them were carried
    out against other Jews." En Jewish Terrorism under British Mandate v.1.pdf
  7. Lehi was good, but there were even better, and they weren't even in Israel.

    Sharon was Haganah -- pussycats.
  8. I thought you were looking for Zionist War Criminals with Blood on their Hands.

    If you are, you just found one.
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