Roman Candle is stock_trd3r - ban his ass

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  1. He promised to leave if the S&P ever broke 1250 on the downside, anyways, and then never left.

    Shitcan his ass.

    Karma's a bitch.
  2. euclid


  3. Excellent find, Euclid!
  4. Joe and the other mods have been good about responding to users having Alt-IDs, which is a violation of TOS.

    I wouldn't ordinarily complain, but it's poetic justice to see turders ass banned each time he creates a new ID because of his broken promise to leave ET the moment the S&P breached 1250.
  5. Ban Him!
  6. You've got to be eff'n kidding me. Are you seriously suggesting that Baron/mods have any desire to do anything about multi-alias trolls? Have you not noticed that multi-alias morons are allowed to troll the boards with impunity even though everyone knows who they are and what their latest username is just by the tone of their posts?

    Furthermore, were you not aware that there are mods who are engaged in flame wars with multi-alias trolls?

    Sorry, but this claim is just so out there, I had to say something.
  7. One thing about me is that I love honest, straight talk. Call a spade a spade.

    If I was mistaken in assuming the multiple ID an ALT-ID rule that's stated as a TOS violation is not enforced, I stand corrected.

    Someone should create a thread in 'Feedback' with all the users having ALT-IDs.
  8. Don't hold your breath.
    I had a couple but let them die because it was childish to believe Baron cared. This site is profit driven . . . period. The more flame wars, the more page views and thus the more revenue can be generated from it.
    Some of the crap has settled over the last couple weeks but the Mods aren't policed by Baron or others to keep a grip on the threads.
    You're contributed a lot here as well as others but Baron finds no extended value or longevity in a site where value is rewarded only unruliness.
  9. No, you're not being corrected by me on that point. Multi-Alias is a TOS violation. What I am saying is that it's absurd to think that Baron/mods have any desire to enforce the TOS.

    You said they've been good about enforcing the rule. The opposite is the case.
  10. So, wouldn't you be in violation TraderNik?

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