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    What day do we rollover EuroFx, EC, to December, sorry for being so lazy!

    09/18/2006 is the last day of trading, I know December becomes the front month before then.

    How does the 13th sound?
  2. I'll tell you what. Stock index futures roll over this Thurs morning. Best to roll them Wednesday night. I'm not sure of the currency futures. I think it's Monday. I use the auto roll feature built into Interactive Broker's Trader Workstation. Works great, and does the thinking for me. I saw a link that had this info once but don't know where it is.

    Just looked it up on CME's website. Last trade date on EURO FX is 9/18/2006, so 1 week earlier or Monday would be the roll date prior to the RTH (floor) open. Best bet is to roll them after the close on Friday.
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    I just took care of it.