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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by rknas, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. rknas


    Is there one for index futures? I am mainly interested in ES and would like to be notified by email when rollover occurs and it is time to move to next contract.

    I will set it up via a google calendar manually if none exists, just looking for a site which has such a feature. Also, would be interested in other events which affect such instruments like FOMC announcement.
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    Most futures brokers send out email alerts about rollover and holiday trading schedule a week or so before such actually occurs.

    Also, most free calendars (e.g. Yahoo! Calendar) have alerts setups. Thus, you can easily input regular schedule market events into these types of calendars to ensure you're not caught off-guard especially if you're the type that has not develop a habit of reviewing your economic calendar every morning prior to taking the first trade of the day.
  3. yes

    pm a guy named tenthousandmen , the cost is only $55/mo...with that you can insure you will not blow out your entire account (which it looks like you already did), a great deal considering the alt
  4. 1) Write a notation on your blotter calenedar that stock index rollovers generally occur on the second Thursday of the delivery month. :cool:
    2) If your March, 1-minute, bars/candles are looking spottier, chances are you missed the rollover day. :eek:
    3) Since index futures are cash-settled, you don't have to be too concerned with "physical delivery". :p
    4) Go to the calendar on the Fed's website for the FOMC dates. :)
  5. rknas


    Thanks for the replies folks.

    Looks like maintaining my own calendar is the way to go.