Rollover day for 100 oz. gold (ZG) and 10-Year T-Notes (ZN) on eCBOT?

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  1. I know that the last trading day for ZG and ZN are the third to last business day of the maturing delivery month, and the seventh business day preceding the last business day of the delivery month, respectively.

    What are the rollover dates for each contract (the day when the front month effectively changes for trading purposes)?

    Thank you.

  2. I really need an answer on this today, so I'm sending it back up to the top of the list...
  3. you have to be carefull with ZG.
    For example the last trading day is the 3 business day prior to the last notice day. For example, with IB you have to roll over your ZG August future on 22th July.
    One time they closed my positions without further notice, so I am always more carefull now.

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    Volume seems to always rollover in ZN on the First Notice Day.
  5. Gold first notice day is around the end of the month before expiration , you need to rollover by that time, otherwise you risk having to take or arrange delivery. Check out NYMEX products calendar for notice days, LTD etc
  6. It would appear that the 10-Year T-Note futures don't have a specific rollover date; apparently the folks in the pits choose the day each time rollover comes around. My understanding is that the day chosen would always be prior to the First Notice Day, which is the last business day of the month prior to the contract's delivery month (e.g., First Notice Day for ZNU5 should be 31 August).

    The responses to my question about gold prompts another question: For electronic trading of gold futures (100 oz., not mini), is CBOT the exchange of choice for most traders (as opposed to NYMEX or some other exchange)? In looking at NYMEX's contract specs for its gold futures, it seems that electronic trading only occurs outside of RTH. Daily volume for ZG on eCBOT looks a little lighter than I would expect.

    Many thanks to those who have responded.

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    Delivereies are very mis-inderstood. Oldest long gets delivery first, so unless you've been sitting long since contract opened up, you're probably not the oldest long.

    I've traded into delivery months with gold, oil, bonds and the big problem is liquidity dries up, but if you're on the market 110% during the day, there are some great trades as delivery is so poorly understood by retail and locals.