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  1. RollOvers are executed by traders holding positions when margins are raised for the spot month.
    [​IMG]You can expect on first notice day, pressure on the near relative to those further out contracts. When a RollOver is completed, you may realize the paper profits & losses on the positions you have been carrying and enter into new contracts at the new current price.

    You will RollOver into a later month that offers the price, volatility, liquidity, and the time you need to fulfill your plan.
    Ok lets look at Comex Gold Volume & Open Interest! These links will update daily, so you can return to
    Elite whenever you need them.
    Here in early Summer one-look shows the near Contract Gold had a change on Open Interest of minus -1,742 pairs of contracts, three months out has a gain of +1,861 pairs. This is interpreted to mean that +119 new contract pairs remain open today and +1,742 may have rolled from the near to three months out. So, here we have evidence
    Somebody, is rolling over now.

    This answers the question “When do traders roll over Gold?”
    Traders can see that easy by looking at the Comex Gold Volume & Open Interest!
    The months are based on when the commercials need and deliver the actual physicals. Trader’s only need Dec and April.
  2. Trader’s only need Dec and April.

    starting this week traders will only need DEC

    no short term trader is doing April or even FEB for that matter

    PS ... all mini YG Traders

    see your broker for rules on the rollover date ... it might be
    a few days before FND