Rolling Taxation System?

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  1. Federal Income Tax should be SIMPLE:

    1. Flat rate for all income levels.

    2. Exempt the first $30K-$40K for lower incomes and all others.


    4. File your tax return on a post card.

    Why is our tax code 70,000 pages long?... to exempt "special interests".. needs to stop and for the tax code to be FAIR!

    :( :(
  2. There are a lot more advantages than just simplification for a flat rate of tax. Watch the video tutorial linked on the article to see.
  3. Alberta has a flat tax system and it works great. Politicians begin complicating it a bit more each year by adding special credits again. My one page provincial tax has grown to almost three now. The biggest tax credit (even more than charity) is the political tax credit!

    On another note, I have often wondered why Revenue Canada doesn't supply software to do your own taxes online with them. I think this would cut down costs greatly as well as tax cheating. It makes no sense that we monkey around with external programs and paper!

    Perhaps they could also stagger the taxes to a per quarter basis for A to G, H to L, etc.
  4. Did you watch the tutorial?

    You could get it so simple that you could run it off 9 boxes on a mobile phone. That would include the benefit, pension and welfare system too.
  5. Not yet but I plan to.

    Perhaps on such a website you could keep track of "entitlements" and taxable income paid. Once your net balance was negative beyond a particular amount, one got no more entitlements until you paid back in? I am sure this will never fly.
  6. There should be NO ENTITLEMENTS, PERIOD!

    Nobody is "entitled" to receive property taken by force from another citizen.

    As a society, we're not going to allow people to starve or freeze to death... but we can and do provide "sustenance". Which SHOULD BE... "3 squares and a cot" in a barracks shelter. (And if you have yet another bastard child, you don't get a bigger check... you get just another cot.... And if there were any justice in this world, you'd spend time in PRISON for giving birth to a child you cannot financially support.) If you want better than that in your life, GET A FARKIN' JOB and pay for it yourself.

    This business of giving more and more to layabouts and ne'er-do-wells.. in exchange for their vote for "more of the same" is destroying America.

    :mad: :mad:
  7. I agree somewhat in theory, but in practice the sword of equality can cut back.

    What if there legitimately are not enough FARKIN JOBS. I think that if the minimum wage were cut to 10 cents, and all entitlements were completely removed, not every American would be working today.

    What if you were doomed to starvation because of your life circumstances before you even got to the age to be able to work.

    If current entitlements from government were paid for by your own future taxation, isn't that OK? Just as a theoretical argument.
  8. There is little chance entitlements will be cut with this government so I have to be realistic. In any event it is not just entitlements what about pension tax relief and the ability to do monthly tax payments for the self employed. You have to admit the model has some merit there. You could cut out the entitlements and the model would still be a vast improvement.
  9. BSAM


    Some good ideas on this thread.
    But, they won't happen.
    Americans are too dumb.
    America is too corrupt.
    America is already too far down the sewer.

    See you after the next revolution.
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