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    I like the way Don Bright & Top trader Jim Rogers dont care much for buying options.

    All the patterns , many time frames ,Ive seen & occasionaly invested in are very complex . Add slippage to the complexity.

    ANY one want to speculate how Mark Weinstein [interview, Jack Schwager proved] turned 100k into 900k, in a recorded option trading contest???????????????????

    I've meditated on that for years;

    [a] Mark Weinstein is honest;
    honest enough to admit that contest was organized by ''two traders on the CBOE floor''

    Not by gunslinging;
    ultra conservative,
    quote ''without any pyramiding [using profits to increase leverage]

    [c]Mark does combine brillance with hard work; realized a big cat, like a lynx could be a role model for a position or swing trade.

    [A-Z] He admitted it was organized by 2 CBOE traders.
    Perhaps they started it at the start of a directional, trending bull market like this year.

    Perhaps thay also started it in the generally strong first or last quarter;
    admitted the contest was for ''3 months''
    Perhaps Mark listened to that old pattern tape titled ''Acres of Diamonds''
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  2. don't worry bro.. the market will be your best teacher... and spank you if necessary! And remember this Mr. Market Wizard...... don't get too over-confident or complacent... beginner's LUCK is the kiss of death! :eek:

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    I like to trade oex options on expiration day. The premium is almost zero. I usually put on a straddle and most of the time one of the legs works out.

    I also like to scale up and down low cost options. Risk is limited and one can benefit from the wild intraday fluctuations that happen on some days.
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