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  1. i saw this rolex and thought you might like it.

    the only problem i have with watches like this is they lack functionality in comparison to modern watches. however they will last a lifetime unlike new watches and are more stylish so they make up for it.
  2. i wondering whether watches are a good investment or do they depreciate could they appreciate or do they just stay the same.
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    If you're ever climbing a mountain and someone wants to take a picture of you for a magazine, it'll come in handy.
  4. do you mean as you would look the part.
  5. Are you trying to justify purchasing a Rolex by claiming it as an investment rather than an expense?
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  7. i am not justifying it i am wonder if you would make money if you had one. even if you didn't wear it is it like gold or silver.
  8. Mine.
    Couldn't swing the Rolex.

  9. that is nice. they look more functional than rolex too this is their weakness in my opinion. i go for digital with a calculator for functionality although cheap and unimpressive it is useful. i was wondering though if watches were investments like gold or silver not to wear but to make money like a vintage car or painting.
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