"Rogue Trader" Nick Leeson plans comeback

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  1. he's simply using the obvious tactics of subterfuge and deception. remember, we are dealing with nick leeson.

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  2. yeah he's the guy.
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  3. WHo are you calling piker?

    I'm the best trader in the whole of Cabrini Green, mate.
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  4. Maverick74


    I read through a lot of posts and I'm not seeing it. The guy is way too disconnected. Nick was not as clueless as this guy. And even if he is playing dumb to try to hide himself, he would not be bringing up the fact that he blew up Barings Bank 50 times and laugh about it. The guy almost died of cancer in prison from the stress!!!!!! This ET character is just playing with you guys.
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  5. How was Zodiac? I'm a huge David Fincher fan and I really want to go see it.
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  6. its an act. performance art on his part.

    surf:D :p
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  7. virgin



    first 30 times, now you quote 50 times, are you sure your calculator is working ?:eek:

    I will try my calculator
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    Zodiac was awesome, great film. You need to like the story though to get into the film because it is very involved and more methodical then storytelling. If you are fascinated by this serial killer, this movie does a great job adapting Greysmith's book to the big screen. Although I personally feel the movie is pointing to the wrong guy, Leigh.
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    It's probably over 100. He has a lot of posts and I told you I skimmed over them.
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    I will check it out, hope the battery of my calculator doesn't blow up halfway
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