"Rogue Trader" Nick Leeson plans comeback

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  1. Maverick74


    OK, sorry guys, I am going to go against this thread. NickBarings is not Nick Leeson. I have read some of his old posts. First of all, the guy mentioned about 30 times he blew up Barings Bank. No way would he keep saying that over and over again. He is trying to draw attention to his screen name and playing with you guys. It's not Nick. Sorry. I'm open to having someone prove me wrong. The fact that this NickBarings guy is asking about FX is not enough for me.
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  2. Well, whether or not its' him or not, I wish him the best. I won't let him trade my $$$ though. :p
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  3. Sweet.

    If anyone gives him their money, I'm quitting my current career and opening my own hedge fund.

    I mean...if it's that easy to raise capital...
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  4. cstfx


    Nick lLeesons would not need to come to a forum of predominately amateur traders to ask about a forex broker. C'mon guys, use your heads.

    No matter how far one may be removed from the industry when you were at his level, you still have some contacts on the inside who would help long before he would seek the help of what someone already mentioned: pikers.
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  5. Maverick74


    I am 100% convinced now after reading more of his old posts that it's not Nick Leeson.
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  6. C'mon now friend the name of this site is Elite Trader is it not?:D Can't you just visualize a BSD trading from my house?:p
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  7. LOL. Mav, I can't believe you actually went back and checked all of those posts.
    I know the market was a bit slow and chop-chopy, but geez.

    You must have been really bored.:D
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  8. Maverick74


    Yeah, I was. LOL. Actually, ever since I saw the Zodiac last weekend, I've taken joy in playing private detective. I didn't read all his posts but took a large enough sample to get enough clues.
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  9. virgin



    30 times ?
    I have read a bunch of his posts, besides your post, I didn't find any other where he mentions that he blew up Barings Bank ?
    you had your calculator next to you ? :p
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  10. Maverick74


    Start at the beginning, not the most recent ones. Every other post man. He goes out of his way to bring it up over and over and over again. Total fake. Next...
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