"Rogue Trader" Nick Leeson plans comeback

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  1. Account # 88888?
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  2. Give the guy some room..he ended up in jail, lost his wife , suffered cancer, what the the fuck would you cynics have prefered he did...shag a kid then walk the streets after 2 years a free man.

    It was only money....filthy lucre.

    He's ok in my book, good luck to him.
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  3. Nice job wee man.
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  4. [​IMG]
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  5. Maverick74


    Is that his current wife?
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  6. thats Anna Friel, the woman who played lisa leeson in the movie rogue trader
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  7. romik


    ugly biyayatch
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  8. Best of luck to Nick. I had never heard of a futures contract before him.

    The fact that he's on his feet again, after the prison, the cancer, his first wife left him, he's one tough dude.
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  9. "NickBarings

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    Well, since I blew up Barings Bank, I learned to pay attention

    to the details."

    No way, is that really you Nick?

    Based on that interview with the guy who wrote "Ugly Americans"
    Nick's understudies broke the bank working in Japan.

    The movie was good, but it definitely did portray Nick as a piker, which was unfair I thought.
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