"Rogue Trader" Nick Leeson plans comeback

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by a529612, Mar 7, 2007.

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    a loser's comeback
  3. You know, say what you will, but it takes balls to crawl back up after being laid so low.

    Plenty of folk would just have offed themselves. Living is harder. And then turning your life around is even tougher.

    While I don't admire his initial error that brought down Barings, perhaps there is some value to his ultimate redemption.
  4. nick was featured in "traders monthly" and occasionally posts on elite.

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  5. yeah he was constantly looking for a decent fx broker here....i bet he'll trade currencies.

  6. :D :D . no doubt.
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    ``Years ago I was extremely ill-disciplined,'' said Leeson, whose primary source of income is now making after-dinner and conference speeches for as much as 10,000 pounds a time. ``My experience over that period and since would be to make sure that I get myself correctly disciplined.''

    Unreal, why would any company be willing to pay this guy £10k per speech? What would be the foundations?
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    What's his handle? This being ET, I'm sure it wasn't NickBarings.

  9. it was nickbarings infact.
  10. Perhaps Nick will make a good trader after learning his lessons of breaking one of the oldest bank.
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