Rogers: "Volume Is Not Going To Come Back. We've Had A Great 30 Years. That's Finishe

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  1. Jim Rogers joined the original money honey Maria Bartiromo today on CNBC’s closing bell for a solid ten-minute interview (link and embed below).

    He views the current decline as a normal correction (said it could go all the way to $1200 and still be within the confines of a normal correction).
    Has recently hedged his positions in gold and silver. Still owns other commodities, including agriculture.
    Owns US dollar due to its status as a perceived safe haven (he says it is not actually a safe haven).
    Believe JP Morgan and friends are liquidating positions like crazy at the moment.
    Thinks finance is “finished” after a great 30 years – says stock market volume is not going to come back (and recommended that Maria become a farmer, or at least learn how to drive a tractor).
    Says he owns no American equities, and is short equities around the world (believes 2013 and 2014 are going to be real messes).
    Admitted he was short calls on a “large American bank” when this JP Morgan news came out (ha!)
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    Cycles, it's all about the cycles.
  3. if the volume does not go up, Wall street will disappear
  4. wow that would seriously suck big time
  5. Bob111


    i don't think so..all this WS play is build around working folks retirement plans,savings long as people are employed-they pretty much forced to make the contributions and money has to go somewhere. and for now -there is only one place left-stocks(i would put them in commodities, just like rogers,but on 99% of retirement plans-there is no such option)
    call me crazy,but i believe for last decade WS purposely squeezed out all other participants(like most of us). the less volume-less competition and way easier to manipulate those markets and \or individual stocks. very simple
  6. "Learn to drive a tractor... Buy gold... We're running out of farmers..." This is the same interview he's been giving for years.
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    :p it's kind of typical WS approach..if you repeat same s**t over and over again-then sooner or later you are going to be right :p