Rogers Says Geithner Caused Crisis, Must Let Banks Fail

Discussion in 'Economics' started by ByLoSellHi, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. CORREDTAMUNDO! (Though I fear Bush was complicit in 9/11.)
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  2. ATTA!!
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  3. Its evident whenever O speaks that he doesn't have a clue about the economy. He ends up using the same tactics as he did when an ACORN lawyer - obfuscation, intimidation (like when he stared down those asking tough questions in some of his news conferences), and lots of rah-rah-rah b.s. & empty promises of goodies for the morons that they put in the 'townhall meeting' crowds. They don't quite get that you can't fix the economy by just talking slick with a melodius voice. - - To be fair, you can't blame O for all the troubles - - but his moves to put the nation on the socialist path (no matter what terminology they use) as quickly as possible is alarming. That leftist world view clouds every action the administration is taking. The cost is long term economic and national decline and the degradation of personal freedom. They are using the Fabian Socialist tactic of taking advantage of circumstances to sneak in new laws that would never be acceptable to Americans if known about or in better times. - - -
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  4. I fear this is some of the "why" that bothers me so much. :mad:
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  5. Right on. I was saying that to everyone who said "I think Obama will do a good job".

    I have nothing against the man personally. Not even that he is the most liberal congressman they could have trotted in there. The Republicans deserve that for turning into Democrats over the course of the last 8 years.

    But I have more executive experience and have authored as much legislation as Obama has, and I've never held public office.

    It is like the school bus driver handing the wheel to the fifth grader in the front row. You have no choice but to pray and brace yourself for what is likely to come...
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  6. eagle


    Thats proved about his judgment to avoid something that is unavoidable.

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  7. ==================
    BuyLow Sellslow
    I like Jim Rogers, underlined lots of his street smarts,Schwager interview.

    He has some helpful insights on shorting bank stocks.......;
    but his interests may diverge from US Sec Treasury,USA. My interests also may diverge from USA in the years ahead.

    Silly headline, not particularly accurate at all;
    LEH, late great Bear Stearns, Citigroup....... are mostly to blame...................................................................... To exspect a policeman/regulator to catch or prevent all crimes or even prevent stupidity is quite unreal:cool:

    Mr Rogers is right to be concerned about the protectionism;
    1929-1930 's all over again, we have warned the powers that be on that, again & again.
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  8. Daal


    Banks are being allowed to fail, just look at the FDIC list. Just a few important ones that aren't
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  9. Yeah, the ones where the "right" people are involved... :mad: :mad:
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    Like LEH for instance that was known for not having lobbied washington for many time. hence, they were marked to going down, whenever they got into troubled waters. at the same time, folks at AIG, get multi-billion bailout and continue living life in the fast lane at tax payer expense.

    nepotism at its best...
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