Rogers Says Geithner Caused Crisis, Must Let Banks Fail

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  1. I'm still in disbelief. Must be the first Rogers interview that doesn't contain the word 'inflation' :cool:
  2. I haven't hear him mention the dreaded 'I' word in a while. Maybe he'll mention the dreaded 'D' word soon, as he probably should.
  3. NObama (dickweed poseur himself) is surrounded by dickweeds.... Geithner, Pelosi, Dodd, Frank, et al. How are we going to survive them? :mad:
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    His main point is that people that caused the problem cannot solve it. He is right.
  5. gnome - what is with your distaste/resentment for Obama. Remember - he didn't get us into this mess. It happened on Republican watch.
  6. It's clear what started this whole mess, and why. And the way Obama is going about "fixing" it will be his downfall. And we get to be the bag holders.
  7. I've posted it several times (and half of the ET'ers despise me for it)... his birth eligibility issue... never resolved. Some states have said, "unless he clarifies, they will not put him on 2012 ballot for their state"... So, what was wrong with 2008?.

    He's been ducking the eligibility issue for at least 5 years... I don't understand why "we the people" have allowed him to get away with doing so.

    Many ET'ers and many others want to think "it's not important.. it's all OK.. no big deal"... I fear it such a huge monstrously big deal, we're all going to be really, REALLY sorry when we find out why... and by then it will be too late.

    Also, and though I'm just taking my view from other posters, he's really never accomplished nor lead ANYTHING... a total rookie... an empty suit who "promised ice cream to everybody" in exchange for their vote.

    Makes my skin crawl.

    I'm an Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson for President kind of guy. NObama couldn't carry their jock strap... nor could Bush. :mad:
  8. You're kidding, right? This mess has been brewing for DECADES thanks to both the Democrats' and Republicans' "watch".

    There's really precious little difference between the clowns on either side of the isle.

    But, people tend to blame the politician in charge at the moment. Bush didn't create the Al-Quida problem, but got the blame for 9/11. Obama wasn't around while this disaster was brewing but he's going to get the blame for everything from the moment he takes office. Besides, Obama shot himself in the foot by promising "change". So far, his "change" has been to build on Bush's socialism and expand the financial drag on the economy that is government exponentially. For that, he deserves to be bashed just ash Bush rightly was.
  9. Rogers is right. Geithner is an asshole. His plan is to force taxpayers to pony up for houses people couldn't afford. Brilliant.

    No skin off his nose, of course. He doesn't pay taxes.
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