Rogers right again

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    Nov. 5 (Bloomberg) -- U.S. credit markets are enduring their worst bubble ever and it may take six years for them to return to normal, investor Jim Rogers said.

    Rogers, the 65-year-old chairman of Beeland Interests Inc., also said he's pessimistic on the U.S. dollar. The dollar fell to $1.4528 per euro on Nov. 2, the weakest since the European currency's debut in January 1999. The U.S. currency traded at $2.0893 per pound last week, the lowest since May 1981.

    ``The dollar is in serious, serious trouble,'' he said. Rogers said he hoped the Federal Reserve raises interest rates to stem inflation, but if it does ``the dollar is going to collapse.''
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    you mean ....

    `the dollar is going to go through the roof, gold is going to collapse.''