Rogers On Kudlow

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Aaron Copland, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. the time stamp says 11/4/07
  2. Rogers is right on, he is their telling it like it is. Everything he said on that show has proved right.

    Can you believe back in November 07 an employment report said banks were hiring. Now 4 months later we see layoffs out the wazoo.

    The government stats are a complete joke. I would bet they are influenced buy big wall street banks.

    And today we get a government report telling us inflation is falling. Oh my gosh!

  3. If you wait long enough, virtually any forecast will be proved correct. Don't believe me? Well I forecast that the market will have a huge rally. Now, just put it in an envelope and see if it doesn't come true sometime.

  4. You have to marvel at Kudlow's math skills... "That's -5" duh!!
  5. Really, hum lets see I forcast oil will go back to $10.00. Ok lets see what happens.
  6. It will, someday. We'll either get to the point where we've destroyed a majority of the population in a war, or some massive alternative energy breakthrough renders it useless.

    We'll have no choice. We cannot continue at this pace indefinitely.