Rogers hillarious again

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  2. He says the US is in a recession and that there is no need to cut interest rates because the stock market is only 5% off its highs. If the market were to be down 30-40%, then there is a need to cut rates.

    So according to him, monetary policy is set to where the stock market is.

    Faber said the US is going to experience a colossal recession with the Dow to trade below 12,000? (He really went out on a limb with that number.)

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    well these 2 guys really serve for entertainment than for anything else.
    that said they sometimes have good common sense points. (the ones that you quoted are clearly not among them though)
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    Hey dimwits, why not wait 'til the fat lady sings with casting your pearls of wisdom? He(Rogers) could be right, you know......I don't know you from Adam but I have heard of him.....
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    yes sir mr president sir :D

    you clearly do not know my opinions.
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    Rogers could care less what is happening in a stock today. He is looking long term.
  7. i'm curious because it seems like a valid point to me. since we are only ~5% off highs in the stock market, doesn't it seem a little odd to be cutting rates here to avert a recession? ...maybe a little too proactive?

    is the fed admitting by a cut that we're in a real recession not represented in current notional prices

    how is his quote lacking common sense?
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    he says that then claims the fed is trying to bail out his pals in wall street, he is very biased
  9. Judge him by his net worth.
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    Yes, however the other side of that is, that the market has come back on the idea that the Fed will lower and that could be viewed as a reason why we are where we are. Should the Fed not lower, there will be a reaction initially to the downside. Over time, the market will come back as valuations are still very attractive. That being said, I only trade on technicals.
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