Rogers Commodity Index: Where to Trade It ?

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  1. Hello everyone - - - I'd like to put some money in the Rogers commodity index. (I had looked into it before the REFCO blow-up & thankfully didn't put any money into Rogers fund at that time.) I've read previous posts in this forum and have researched the TRAKRS product listed by CME, but have not been able to find a broker that offers this product anywhere. I have contacted several of them.- - - Have any of you purchased the Rogers TRAKR or another index type fund that would accomplish what I'm looking for ? If so, what broker are you using ? Thanks, - - -
  2. Good question.

    Interactive Brokers doesn't carry it, unfortunately.
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    have you looked at other commodity index products? what are the pro's and con's of RICI vs others? - i have looked around a bit but have not been able to find much info comparing the different commodity index alternatives, one piece i came across said that RICI has outperformed the others over the last few years - i'd appreciate if you have any more info, thx.
  5. AFAIK you need an account with Merrill Lynch
  6. I've started looking for an index type product in order to increase my broad exposure to commodities as part of my overall asset allocation. This would be outside of any trading in futures contracts directly. - - The aspect of the Rogers index that I like, is the fact that it is a little more diverse than some of the other indexes. Some of these are heavily weighted in petroleum products.
  7. CBOT has DJ AIG Commodity Index futures. Trades very thin though. Tradable though many brokers, including IB.,3206,1009+13327,00.html
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    IB trades every Trakkr but the RICI. However, they are supposed to be adding it.

    You can buy it at any futures broker with a Globex connection in theory at least. IB does not have it for accounting reasons.
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    ok - i have dug around a little bit but not found any material discussing / comparing the alternative tradable commodity indices in any significant detail - i guess i will have to research each individual index when i find time... - thanks for your feedback and all the best.
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    You could trade DBC if you like ETF's.
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